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Big Chill is a Necrofriggian alien from Ben 10:Alien Force.He is owned/created by The Man Of Action/Dwayne McDuffie.His evolved form is Ultimate Big Chill

The Big ChillbotEdit

The Big Chill bot uses extreme cold to freeze its opponent's in place for some chilling combo moves.

The Big Chillbot(BCBot) has green eyes,and the omnitrix/ultimatrix on its chest.It has a blue mask-like face with a black head,similar to Ultimate Big Chill's red mask like face with a black head.He has a blue stumick,and has other blue spot's on its chest.In the picture,Big Chill is shown with a frozen arm,speccifacly his arm that he froze himself.

For more information on the blue pattern's on his body,see Ultimate Big Chill and Big Chill's pattern.


Chill Out:>> C or >> V: Have the BCBot shoot out a cloud of ice infront of it,making youre opponent freeze if they touch it.

Cold Rush:>>Z or >> X: The BCBot will quickly turn invisible and walk-through,and will rush right into the stumick of youre opponent and out the back,freezing them.

Ice Quake:Spacebar: BCBot will quickly make a huge block of ice (similar to Diamondhead's in the series) and shoot it up,and if it hits youre opponent they will be damadged.