Bobo Haha tko

Bobo Haha is from Generator Rex,and is owned by The Man Of Action.

Robo BoboEdit

Dont let the smile fool you.With it's blasters and monkey agility,Robo Bobo is every bit dangerous as the original.

The Bobobot,also known as Robo Bobo,is a monkey with nanite's.He has a little red hat,and wears an eyepatch.He has a little tan outfit with blue stripes on it.He also wears large blue wristbands.


Monkey Buisness:>> C or >> V: Swing right into youre opponent on a vine,damadging them.

Bobo Blasters:>> Z or >> X: Shoot youre opponent while in the air with Bobo's guns;One button makes you shoot in air,one makes you kneel down and shoot from the ground.

Bobo Bombs:Spacebar: Drop a loadfull of bombs near you're opponent,and when somebody touches them,watch them go boom.