Chowder tko

Chowder,the main character of the show Chowder,is owned by C.H. Greenblatt.In this game,similar to Finn,Chowder has a helper,Kimchi.

The ChowderbotEdit

The Chowder bot has a mix of offensive and defensive moves that often include help from Kimchi.

The Chowderbot wears a large fluffy,baggy,purple hat.It has a very silly expression,and wears a purple and pinkish outfit.It's outfit also has a very unnatural pattern,that is also on his hat.Kimchi,in the background,also looks a tiny bit 3D,witch it's original design,and is barf-brown.Kimchi has some line's at the bottom of it.


Kimchi Cover Super:>> C or >> V: Watch as the Chowderbot has Kimchi cover his body,and when the foe touches Kimchi they are damadged.

Chowder Charge:>> Z or >> X: Chowderbot will suddenly start to zoom right into youre opponent,and will damadge them.

Stink From Above:Spacebar: The Chowderbot will have Kimchi surround youre foe with itself,causing Kimchi's bad stink to go into the foe's nostrils,witch will make them breath Kimchi's stink.