Munya is an spider cryptid from The Secret Saturdays,and is owned/created by Jay Stephens.

The MunyabotEdit

Munya tko

The Munya bot's moves include powerfull charges and a sticky web to snare enemys.

The Munyabot is pink and a very light red.One of it's eyes is a giant red jewel,and it's stumick is pink.Its face is pink,also.It wear's ripped purple pant's over its giant furry legs,and has four antenna's that have claw's on them.


Aerospike:>> C or >> V: Munyabot will jump in air and land on youre opponent,damadging them.

Dash Punch:>> Z or >> X: The Munyabot will slide on the ground and punch youre opponent.

Web Snare:Spacebar: Watch as the Munyabot will shoot a beam of spiderweb's at youre opponent and wrap them in one gigantic spiderweb.