Rex is from the show Generator Rex,and is owned by The Man Of Action.

The RexbotEdit

The Generator Rex bot uses a mix of melee and ranged attack's to cover any and every situation.

The Rexbot has brown goggles that cover its eyes,and has black hair.It wears a orange and red jacket,with a blue and white t-shirt under it.In his picture,He wear's a glove,and the other hand is a miniature robot-version of Smackhands.It also wears black pants with blue stripes on them.


Slam Cannon:>> C or >> V: Watch the Rexbot turn its hand into a Slam Cannon and shoot out a rock at youre foe.

Smackhand:>> Z or >> X: Watch and learn as you see Rexbot turn it's hand into not a Slam Cannon,but a Smackhand,and throw the foe down.

The B.F.S:Spacebar: The Rexbot will turn it's hand into the all mighty Big Fat Sword(B.F.S) and slash youre foe.