Tko swampfire

Swampfire is a alien from the omnitrix/ultimatrix,and is from the Ben 10 franchise.He is owned/created by The Man Of Action/Dwayne McDuffie.

The SwampfirebotEdit

The Swampfire bot can throw out a flurry of fireballs or summon plant's to attack its enemies.

The Swampfirebot has a black head,and has two red flame-like part's on the side of the head,then a big yellow spike on its top of the head.It has a green body,with some black line's on it.It also has little black toe's.


Vinespike:>> C or >> V: Make a giant vine shoot up to protect the Swampfirebot.

Fireball:>> Z or >> X: Shoot a small ball of fire at youre opponent.

Inferno Blast:Spacebar: Shoot a giant beam of fire at youre opponent,doing alot of damadge.