As you all may know,they have FINNALLY released four of the new bot's! The four bot's conclude Van Kleiss,Bobo Haha,Agent Six,and Clockwork.However,we still await the two secret bot's to come.(The Secret Bot's being Upgrade Rex and Shocksquatch.) BUT,the release date's are set: Both Upgrade Rex and Shocksquatch will be released the week after Ben 10/Generator Rex:Heroes United premieres.Also,the release of the four new bot's ALSO mark the release of a brand new spaceship-like map.Ok,so personally,i think Clockwork and Six are best.I mean,who doesnt like a time mutant able to freeze opponent's,and a katana-throwing-crazy person? But,personally,Van Kleiss's super atack is pretty cool.Well,thats all,bye!