Van Kleiss TKO

Van Kleiss is a dangerous EVO leader of The Pack;He is from Generator Rex and is owned/created by The Man Of Action.

The Van KleissbotEdit

The Van Kleiss bot dominates it's enemy's with nanite-powered meele attacks.

The VKBot has white skin,and black and white hair.It's eyes are red,and it wears a golden necklace with what it look's like a blue gem in it.It also wear's a red jacket with a black t-shirt under it,witch has some tape on it.It has a golden metal arm,that apparently glows.The non-metal arm has a gold stripe at the end of it.It wears a belt,and has a brown-palish pants.He wears black shoes.


Nanite Grapple:>> C or >> V: Grab youre opponent with the Van Kleissbot's metal EVO arm and throw them at the ground.

Abysus Arm:>> Z or >> X: The Van Kleissbot will shoot up his EVO arm at youre opponent,damadging them.

EVO Attack:Spacebar: Van Kleissbot will quickly create a EVO and throw it at youre opponent to damadge them.