Van rook tko

Van Rook is a character from The Secret Saturdays and is owned by Jay Stephens.

The Van RookbotEdit

The Van Rook bot can take opponent's by suprise with a teleporting sneak attack and explosive grenades.

The Van Rookbot(VRBot) has a metal gold robot mask,and red eyes.Its whole body is made out of black and gold metal,and has a gold sword on it's back.It's metal shoes are black,and has a black X made out of rope on it's chest.There is a gold metal ring on the X.Its metal wrist are a greyish-black,with a mix of green.


Sneak Attack:>> C or >> V: The VRBot will cover himself up with smoke,making only his hand's and legs and feet visible,and if the opponent touches the smoke they are damadged.

Concussion Grenade:>> Z or >> X: VRBot will shot a small grenade (identical to the grenade's on Bobo Haha's and it's super attack) at youre opponent.

Air Strike:Spacebar: Watch as the VRBot will make grenade's fall down,hitting youre opponent and damadging them.